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I'm loving these, keep up the great work!
(And maybe a jester character?)

TalesofStuff responds:

Thanks, good idea!

I love this series, great comedy and action.
I love how you keep adding in the new updates throughout the series, can't wait for part 14.

Falconer02 responds:

Thanks! Workin' on it!

Man, that is a great noir film, I loved the concept.
Nice clean animation there, you set the mood perfectly. I just wish this could be a series :P

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A nice game. I like how you presented it, and the idea is great. Couldn't get past level 12, but I love how the difficulty increases each level, and I love the simple way new elements are introduced. Good job.

It's a nice simple game, I like the concept. I do have a few ideas for improvements, but I'm guessing that the game doesn't have these because it was in LD. The top things that I would like to see added to this game is
1. Music, without music it kinda get boring
2. Power ups/ Different weapons dropped from enemies, this is so it give the player a last hope for survival
3. Different/ Harder enemies as the game progresses, to add more of a challenge

But improvements aside, it is still a nice smooth game that can kill a few minutes of my time.

acdimalev responds:

1. I've got somebody in mind.
2. In any future releases the enemies will drop ammo. I'm a sucker for risk/reward trade-offs. Not saying a damn thing about other weapons until I've got something to show.
3. Yeah. This one's just because I suck. Had code for enemy progression, but had to scrap it because I wasn't able to debug it. I'm in the middle of switching to a different dev environment that's been giving me fewer problems.

lol fun

i got max tank then is as all like sweet then in the netx buble i was all like WTF?!?!?!?!??!?! and then i die lol
nice i like this 1 better than da 1rst

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This was great! I love it! Beautiful vocals and wonderfully eerie music.

This is a great song! I love it!
Is it for sale anywhere? Because I would love to buy it so I could listen to it anytime!

Troisnyx responds:

Not yet, but I'll let you know when it goes on sale. Glad you like it so!

Great song, it's really fun and nice to listen to! The vocals are also great! My only problem with this song is that I feel like it should end at 2:50.

viewtifulday responds:

It should, but some people complain when I don't put outros in my stuff

I love every ascpect of NG, from music to games to movies to art. I don't have any goals or anything I want to achieve on this site, I just come here to enjoy the awsome stuff that is uploaded.

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